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Common Ground Collaboration

Hearts Afloat

The holidays that happen during this time of year can set the heart afloat with gratitude and an affirming joy expanding sharing.

Me? I am SO GRATEFUL for the people in my life, near and far, who help keep my spirits buoyant even in hard times. Especially in hard times. The world is going a little crazy right now. Dark politics, war, eminent threats, etc., you don't need me to list them all here. You can feel the pressure of despair. And yet we rise above again and again. And usually when we let go enough to approach the Common Ground we all share good things happens. In our hearts. In our communities. On this gorgeous jewel of a planet.

Templeton Thompson

I met and instantly connected with Templeton Thompson at an equine facilitated learning conference where Tempy was the main entertainment. She's a dedicated horse-woman and top notch entertainer. She had me at "Girls and Horses"! Recently this singer/songwriter, heart sister, and her good friend Sally Barris wrote their "Common Ground' song in the videos below as a way to help them negotiate a path of hope through the awful feelings so many of experienced when Russia invaded Ukraine. Already immersed in the disquiet of our times, those violent events triggered so much for so many. And they still do. Me included.

Their song speaks to me and I let it directly inform the digiral painting I made under its influence, also called Common Ground. It's number 20 in my ongoing Project Equipoise series.


A message from Tempy:

"I BELIEVE to my ABSOLUTE #hippiechiccowgirl HEART & SOUL that we were ALL put here to #loveoneanother ...after all, aren't we ALL "thirsty for the same water"?

Given the state of our world & quite honestly, the heaviness I feel on a daily basis because of the heartbreaking situation in #Ukraine My heart is heavy for EVERYONE affected, 2 & 4~legged, 4 & 2~legged ALIKE.

I had the ABSOLUTE HONOUR of getting to write this song with my BEAUTY~full & INCREDIBLY TALENTED Sister @Sally Barris ."

Below Tempy and Sally talk a little about their collaboration process and then give us a gorgeous 'live' version of this exquisite piece. This is a confidential link, please don't share it without Templeton's ok.



Marti again, I want TO GIVE you a screensaver version of this digital art to use however you like. I want to thank you for staying in touch. I want to thank you for your hope. I want to thank you for your optimism. TOGETHER we will get through all the strife.

Here's the link to download your own screensaver sized copy.


Gifts Using The Common Ground Image

Check these out!


Below is the more public version of Tempy and Sally's song released Earth Day this year. Share this freely far and wide!

Credit for this INCREDIBLE footage goes to: @NASA Goddard NASA Goddard Space Flight Center:) To see more & to find out more click here.

'Common Ground' ©℗2022 BoatPony Music, ASCAP/St. Pauly Girl Music, SESAC Written by Sally Barris & Templeton Thompson

'Common Ground' is a track off of her 2023 album 'Get Back Up' Available in the Apple Music store here. And on Spotify.

Find Templeton here:


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