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Project Equipoise

Project Equipoise - Paintings, Digital and Physical
n.balance of forces or interests. A state of equilibrium.

This images in this ongoing series reference the charmed surrealism of artists like Marc Chagall and Lenora Carrington. It is a buoyant approach to the serious considerations of the current events that clamor for our attention; politics, discord, disease juxtaposed with hope, optimism and idealism. These images are meant to convey how the chaos of contemporary information overload can be softened and reimagined into reflections that are encouraging and far more hopeful. 

equipoise black horse moon 1000px.jpg

Humankind has revered equine energy through the ages. Horses symbolize power and strength, and we have partnered with them to know the joy of riding the wind. Horsepeople who learn to read the language of Equus, understand that horses are equal parts measured calm and explosive potential. Releasing our thoughts into their realm allows us to access the subtle energies of the world that exists in the realm of the mythic.

Horses can be very subtle. Tapping into their powerful quiet gives one access to another way to process circumstances around us. In the company of horses I let the busyness of my distracting thoughts get replaced by something much less noisy and far bigger as the horses and I consider the sky; our eyes soft and our hearts tranquil in each other’s company. This creates an existential reboot in my core. Equanimity replaces anxiety. Equipoise is achieved.

Each image in this collection (shown below and is an ongoing series) is inspired by this amalgam of negative, positive and neutral. They are a visual meditation. A sign of the joy ever-available by checking out and tuning back into the natural world. 

Project Equipoise in-person Sessions


The Miracle of Connection

In person sessions

I have years of experience guiding clients through equine assisted coaching sessions where you interact with a horse at liberty in a small corral, We collaborate to create a topic for you to explore, maybe to push through a mental block, gain insights on a topic that demands your attention or find new ways to access what inspires you. While I am not a therapist and have much experience and training in understanding the language of equus and can help you make sense of the metaphors you create with your equine partner.


You will be interacting with one of these two willing teachers.

I also offer pre-designed sessions that focus on creating connection and finding your own equipoise.

Expect a half or full day time commitment that includes activities like: guided meditation, mind quieting activities, and then time interacting with your equine partner both at the hitching post and off line in the corral. I ensure your emotional comfort and safety throughout the activities but also leave space for you to make your own discoveries with your partner horse. Journaling or sketching time can easily be included in your session, if you would like.

Contact me for more information.

Click to enlarge - most are digital paintings

Gallery of Equipoise Images

BRAND NEW! I am releasing some of these images as one of a kind and limited edition art NFTs. See what's available today right here.


NFTs - Non-Fungible Tokens

What are these and why would you want one? I've written a series of blog posts to help you understand the concept. Read more.

Collectors are buying NFTs because it provides a unique connection to the artist that does not exist with any other art form. Crypto art has also spawned entire communities online and is one of the art market's hottest commodities!

Follow my facebook page, tikok or instagram for new pieces as they are finished. 

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