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Why Do This

I tried finding other groups like this and came up empty. So I decided to start my own to share.

The Format
Every Friday (1:00 - 2:30pm Chicago time) we log in on Zoom and bear witness to each other's commitment to working on a project for the allotted time. wBy our presence alone we inspire each other to keep at least one weekly appointment dedicated to just our own intentions. I was in a writer’s group designed this way and those participants have recently been getting published! So I know the formula can work. Sometimes people show up and work on something completely unrelated to a larger goal. The point isn’t to always be working on something amazing, but to keep a time open just for your creativity. In the presence of others with a similar goal. THAT is the alchemy of this type of thing.


Our optional check ins will focus on what we hope to accomplish and any information about our projects and process that feel relevant. 

We’ll save politics and similar topics for other forums.


Quiet Time Together
In open studios out in the physical world, of course, artists can chat with each other. And in some situations it can be quite a social gathering. But the idea of keeping mostly quiet durings these sessions leads to better personal productivity on the things we’re working on. After all, Zoom can allow for side text chats between participants so we can each reach out to each other during any session. And of course we’ll have cross chat during the beginning and closing of each session.



Nope, I'm not charging anything.


Meeting Time

Fridays at 1pm CST on Zoom


My Promise

I will open the line every Friday and be present for the entire time. If for some reason I can’t be there I’ll give the login info to someone else to make sure the session is open.

Your Goal 

Your Goal should be to attend as many Fridays per month as you can and avoid using lame excuses to not be present. And even if you have a really great reason why you can’t attend the live session then to promise yourself to put 1-1/2 hour towards your project before we meet again.


I encourage you to invite friends too! 

Art Club for Kids

Wed & Fri 3:30pm - 4pm CST

Designed for getting your young artist(s) interested in enhancing their creativity! 

So often children are accidentally taught exactly how NOT to become more creative. As a professional artist with over thirty years experience. I have learned a ton about how to build up the skills I was born with. Among these continues to be my curiosity and passion for making and drawing things. I continue to relearn, by teaching and taking classes myself time and time again on a whole variety of creative topics, how to give space to, protect and enhance the creative spirit.


The world needs creative thinkers, visionaries and can-do builders now more than ever before. It is my goal to help fan the flames of that spark of creativity children come pre-installed with. No, I don’t think every one of my students is going to become an artist professionally, but I do believe they will have a much better chance to become better problem solvers, feel good about their future ’tries’ in other subjects and forever have insights of appreciation because you helped them stay in touch with their creativity during this pivotal time in their lives.



Please feel free to stay for sessions and join in the activities. Every one of my sessions is designed for a wide variety of skills that I encourage to adapt to the task at hand. Don’t feel embarrassed if your young artist is looser, freer or demonstrates more aptitude than you. Like so many, you likely had your creative spirit dulled by well meaning teachers throughout your own learning career. If you’re up for it, the exercises and processes I present can help you regain some of what you lost!

Who is this for?

Kids and their adults ready to experiment and play with a variety of media,, challenges and inspirations.

2 live sessions a week - 30 minutes each

Sessions cover:

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Sculpting

  • Collage

  • Cartooning

  • Creating characters

  • Illustrating stories

  • Creating memes - Canva 

  • Digital drawing

  • Photo editing

  • Paper clay (for sculpting)

  • and more!


Supplies needed:

Easily obtained art supplies will be used in classes progress:

Things like: crayons, paint, colored pencils, colored pens or digital drawing tablet as well as simple sculpting supplies - lists are emailed ahead of each class that requires special items.

We also explore how we allow ourselves to be inspired by other artists!

  • Famous and 

  • Lesser known, but equally amazing artists and creatives the world over !

Initial sessions are FREE so you and your artist can decide if this is right for you.

Four weeks - $30 (8 sessions) - renew every month desired!

includes private Facebook Group support and personal feedback)

Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30pm CST

Contact Marti if you're interested!

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE if money is tight - just ask. 

Email Marti.

Contact Marti if you're interested!

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE if money is tight - just ask. Email Marti.

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