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Why Do This

To enjoy the company of other creative people for a bit of time every week.

The Format
Every Friday (1:00 - 3:00pm Chicago time) we log in on Zoom and bear witness to each other's commitment to working on a project for the allotted time. wBy our presence alone we inspire each other to keep at least one weekly appointment dedicated to just our own intentions. I was in a writer’s group designed this way and those participants have recently been getting published! So I know the formula can work. Sometimes people show up and work on something completely unrelated to a larger goal. The point isn’t to always be working on something amazing, but to keep a time open just for your creativity. In the presence of others with a similar goal. THAT is the alchemy of this type of thing.


Our optional check ins will focus on what we hope to accomplish and any information about our projects and process that feel relevant. 

We’ll save politics and similar topics for other forums.


Quiet Time Together
In open studios out in the physical world, of course, artists can chat with each other. And in some situations it can be quite a social gathering. But the idea of keeping mostly quiet durings these sessions leads to better personal productivity on the things we’re working on. After all, Zoom can allow for side text chats between participants so we can each reach out to each other during any session. And of course we’ll have cross chat during the beginning and closing of each session.



Nope, I'm not charging anything.


Meeting Time

Fridays at 1:00-3:00pm CST on Zoom

Contact me for login info


My Promise

I will open the line every Friday and be present for the entire time. If for some reason I can’t be there I’ll give the login info to someone else to make sure the session is open.

Your Goal 

Your Goal should be to attend as many Fridays per month as you can and avoid using lame excuses to not be present. And even if you have a really great reason why you can’t attend the live session then to promise yourself to put 1-1/2 hour towards your project before we meet again.


I encourage you to invite friends too! 

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