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A Quick Catch Up With Marti

Recent self portrait showing the grounding and uplifting energy of Equines. A #ProjectEquipoise illustration

A colleague has asked my speak to her Artists Group on some of the aspects I've experienced as creative person for these past few decades. Our convo is a pretty good update on my creativity lately:

Hi Marti, How are you these days? I’m good! In the middle of tweaking some aspects of my personal life.

What are you thinking about, reading, looking at? I’m finishing an 8 month long exploration of “Creating The NewStory” through the auspices of the Findhorn Organization. It has initiated a renewed interest in embracing the influence of the unseen worlds on my life, my art, my story in deep, well-integrated new ways that acknowledge my lifelong beliefs in the magical aspects of daily life.

Also, I’m back into being able to listen to audio books and podcasts after an almost year long hiatus. Nothing thought shattering, easing back into the place where science and myth intersect. For months all I could tackle were tv series that highlighted human connection. (Thank you "Gilmore Girls", "Friday Night Lights", "Parenthood" and "Call My Agent" among others.)

How are the horses doing? I’m working steadily at fixing their winter weary (dry weather) hooves. It is a process. But they are totally fine and happy with their new hay! The new guy continues to amaze me with his gentle spirit and willingness to learn and be brave. The other dudes are happy just being their sassy selves.

How are your projects going? It’s so interesting. Though I have maintained a series of projects for the past year despite living deep within these emotionally destabilizing times I no longer define my existence by their perceived value, to me or to anyone else. This is a sea-change in my thinking. I think the force of my Ego is beginning to subside. That said, I have #ZenBurro, Project Equipoise, the final pages of a pictures-only children’s book and the beginnings of a series of illustrated NewMyths starting to take shape. And I bought an ice cream machine so I’m inventing new flavors! Yesterday it was Unicorn Fantasy. But I got the rainbow aspect wrong, so I have to eat the evidence and try again. We could explore your community-minded commitment and practices/projects/collabs, This would be my ongoing open studio time, kids art club wrapping up and children’s book - which I'm creating for distribution far and wide through spay/neuter clinics in any country!

What about living in Mexico and its influences on your work, practice etc. People usually want to know:

  • why

  • how

  • what’s it like

  • advantages

  • disadvantages

What are your online presence and market, social media uses I’m active on:

Facebook, Insty and TikTok as well as have a newsletter and make blog posts (you're on one right now?). I also keep this website super up to date.

Is there anything you want this group to know/consider. Why you make art.

What is its Purpose?

Your Mission? (hint: it is perfectly fine to answer with “It’s for my own amusement” or some such - but it is a worthy goal to create a purpose if you’re so inclined)

To understand that your true north as an artist lies within you and has nothing to do with outside critique or admiration. Not that those can’t be useful tools, especially if you want to sell your work. Classes you take or ways you grow/update your own learning process. This would be some of the classes I take and give online.

I love the many creative offerings at Domestika as well as the goofy tutorials I bump into on YouTube and TikTok. The 8 month long offering from Findhorn on integrating Myth, Magic and creating a NewStory for the world going forward has been mind and heart opening.

What are some other interests that fuel your own creative practices. I integrate my horsemanship with my art as horses are an excellent way to become intimate with the natural world. I do this to understand its magical qualities.

Any insights and discoveries that motivate change, bring joy, etc! This has been the most difficult aspect of the last year for me. Creating motivation to carry on with all my interests as felt somewhat meaningless or at least contextual-less.

One of the important lessons I began to realize as a result of all of that personal discomfort was that it was a great time for me to learn to just BE. See? I said “just” be. As though BEing is somehow less. In fact BEing is what it is all about. And BEing an authentic version of myself within the winds of change we are all experiencing has been unsettling, ungrounding (so much wind) and bottomless.

This is where I am going to mine for story gold. New Myths. Personal myths. It almost feel overwhelming right now, so I know it is a worthy pursuit. AND there’s always ice cream to give life balance, lol.



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