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The Team

Every Month in 2024 Marti will release a new design!

2024 monthly design - january01.jpg


Mexican Artifacts

In Mexico City there is an amazing museum called the Museo de Antropolegia (Anthropology Museum) where they have assembled a spellbinding array of artifacts and folk art through the ages. From pre-columbian Aztec history to recent times.

I made this series of sketches from my visit.

Available in a HUGE variety of home good.


Hermes Inspired Equine Scarf

The French company, Hermes, has produced half a zillion equestrian scarves through the years. They are amazing and terribly expensive. Their traditional approach was the inspo for this more whimsical design that won't break the bank.

2024 monthly design - 02-february.jpg

March - coming soon

April - coming soon

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