Children are our best hope for making the world a kinder place for animals. This is a project designed to bring inspirational information to the kids in Mexico and the US.

The book is bilingual (Spanish and English) and features a collection of unusual stories about kids and companion animals. Each story is illustrated in Marti's colorful, upbeat style.

Marti has raised enough funds to get many copies printed (actual first release numbers depend on final printing cost). As the pilot launch, she will be working with local organizations and schools (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico) to get the books into the hands of kids and their families. Creative activities on topics from the book will be the seeds of change and inspiration for the kids who participate.

The book is due out in 2021. It will also be available for purchase and download on

Marti hopes the local spay/neuter organization, Amigos de Animales, will partner with her on some of the activities with children. She's also in contact with the local children's literary group, Libros Para Todos, for additional exposure and distribution.

We'll go in to local schools and, working with the teachers, develop a free learning program that highlights creative projects, writing and art, on topics from the book.

Upon completion of their participation, children will receive their own copy of the book to take home, where other members of the family may read it too!

If you would like to contribute? We'd love to have help with:

  • story translation from English to colloquial Spanish

  • Paypal donation to boost our budget to print more book, purchase more art supplies and pay a stipend to helpers!

Contact Marti for more info.

Thank you!

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