A Tale of 2 Dogs Book Project


My thoughts on how to best present the information in this book have gone through several major iterations. It started out as a non-age specific compendium of bilingual text-heavy illustrated stories all on the topic of animal kindness but has now morphed into a wordless picture book. It tells the story using richly colorful illustrations of two puppies who get a completely different start in life. One well cared for and the other loved but treated quite differently.

The idea is to show how dissimilar treatment of two very similar puppies can yield very different results in each dog's life. Unlike other books in this genre, there isn't a good guy and a bad guy, but a series of colorful images that depict the overall happiness of each dog in their respective circumstances.

Knowledge on what creates a happy, healthy dog is the goal here! At the end of the book there are a series of informational pages on these topics:

  • Inexpensive dog food recipes

  • Dog body language

  • Activities with dogs

  • The difference spaying or neutering a dog makes in decreasing unwanted puppies

Generous donors have made it possible for me to print the first several hundred in full color to be passed out to children in rural Mexico completely free in association with a very active spay and neuter group.

Summer 2021 Release

Sample pages in no particular order below - click to enlarge



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