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Marti's Manifesto - I Am An Animal Mentor

I am, and have always been, an animal-centric human. I am drawn to animals. I notice them. I appreciate them. I am attuned to their messages. I find ways to be with them.

I form bonds of various strengths with the wild ones I live in proximity to as well as the ones I am lucky enough to share my home with. This includes the ones who find their way inside who are better off outside. Yes, I guide back outside spiders, moths, beetles and all other beings trundling, flying, or scurrying about the house.

I allow animals to guide me regardless of any bonds formed. It may be a chance encounter in a park, the garden or on the trail.

My ‘pets’ are not my ‘fur-babies’, a term some use to describe the well loved companion animals in their lives.

No, my companion animals are my colleagues, my guides, my inspirations. My equals. If you know me well you have a sense of this already, but you do not know the depths of my sincerity with this because I have been cautious about sharing. Mostly people just don’t get it. There is this human need to categorize and so they wonder if I’m some kind of an ‘animal communicator’ or a ‘horse or dog-whisperer’, or just an animal-nut . I’ve found ways to integrate animals into my life. I know them as messengers. Without exception, every single animal I have ever known offers a message of hope. I pay attention to that hope.

Dogs are great at this. They are holy. Horses, too. Though in both cases their kind has so many reasons to doubt human worthiness.

But they keep offering themselves as a means to elevate our consciousness. Right now, there is a lot of negativity permeating our cultures. Top to bottom, bottom to top. There’s a lot of fear and that’s being expressed as hate and it is getting way, way out of control. I notice this. I recoil from it. I have to recover from it.

It’s not my Purpose to be a part of that except to do as my guides have taught me: To offer a way up and out of those debilitating patterns by embodying my truest nature. For me, that is making and sharing colorful, upbeat messages.

My art that is often animal-focused. This isn’t coincidence. It’s not a marketing ploy. It is on-target messaging from this Animal Mentor.

And I’ve been at this work since I was a puppy, which is a name they called me when I was a little girl.


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