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Why the Break From Social Media?

Despite the global turmoil, birds still make nests and bees collect pollen.

You know you should take a serious break from social media when you've considered posting the diatribe below (I didn't, though.)

I’m tired of:

  • People crying “Fake news!” When it’s simply information that doesn’t support their opinions.

people sharing information they haven’t verified.

  • white people making posts that demonstrate an alarming cluelessness about the deeper, more nuanced, but easily researched, long time experiences of people of color. This is our time to educate ourselves and assimilate what we learn into much more compassionate choices.

  • clickbait of ANY kind from any source.

  • trying to find out how to negotiate a safe path through this pandemic.

  • people who don’t believe in science.

  • I’m really tired of people who comment on links without reading or viewing them.

  • I’m tired of people spewing the first angry thing that occurs to them without giving some real thought to the thing they’re reacting to.

  • I’m truly tired of party politics.

  • not getting access to leaders who inspire us all to do better.

  • having to conjure up my own Hope day after day because the leaders we need to help us do that are quashed by the legions of posts, articles and segments designed to scare us into submitting to the terror they’re designed to instill.

  • American home grown terrorists and their mayhem.

I say "I'm tired of" these things, but the reality is they exhaust me. I feel compelled to speak my truth on social media, but also uphold a strong sense of cheer and hope. I guess it's part of my branding - personal and professional. But I've stepped away from Facebook and Instagram for the foreseeable future.

Of course I'll keep making art, teaching and creating projects! It's just if you're curious about any of those you'll have to come to this website, this blog, to see any updates. Or join my mailing list. Believe me, I don't spam. I'm too busy living my life!


Live sketching of artsy friends.....



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