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6 Easy Steps To Become An NFT Collector

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

In this post you'll learn how to:

  • Buy some Ethereum cryptocurrecncy

  • Put it in a MetaMask Crypto Wallet

  • Set up an account on Opensea NFT marketplace

  • Purchase your first NFT

In order to enter the world of NFTs, you have to enter the world of crypto currency a little bit. This post is going to show you how to do that.

I've been busy assembling easy-to-understand information for you about this new world of NFTs:

This post explains why you might want to get involved.

This post is a glossary of much of the NFT lingo

This post helps you figure out how to display your NFT purchases.

This post helps you understand how to negotiate the right path for you through the millions of NFTs for sale.


Here's how to purchase an NFT in 6 easy steps:

  1. Select an NFT marketplace and open an account. I am currently selling on But there are so many others! Fir example,,,,, decentraland etc…and on and on.......

  2. Set up a Metamask account and connect your Metamask wallet to your new account on Opensea

  3. Fund your wallet with some Ethereum crypto.

  4. Explore what’s for sale (if you want to bid on or buy your first NFT)

  5. Place your bid or make your purchase

  6. Finishing up. The NFT token will go from the creator's wallet to yours! Now you'll be able to display it in any of the ways described in this post.

You'll notice in the videos I've selected for you that none of them feature me. That's because these guys all did a fine job and have the miscellaneous software to do the screenshares, etc. I'm busy in my studio making new NFTs for ya, so I'm letting them teach you here.

Oh and yeah, it's a bit of a learning process, isn't it? Don't let that put you off. You can do this! Message me (social media @HappyArtMarti or use the Contact link above) at any point if you have questions. My aim here is to help you come up to speed so much faster than I did. I didn't have a nice series of blog posts like these to simplify my knowledge acquisition. :D


1. Select An NFT Marketplace

There are many to chose from these days. I am currently using Opensea and will be using it for the example in this post. You'll need a MetaMask wallet to finish setting up your account on Opensea. It is safe to connect your wallet with this site or other sites that are on the ETH blockchain. It's how transactions happen. Don't worry you will not make accidental purchases. You'll always sign on to Opensea using your Metamask wallet. It's new for a lot of us. It's cool though.

Let Will in the video below walk you through the process of setting up an account on Opensea and Metamask.


2. Set up And Connect Metamask

You might want to study up a bit more on MetaMask. As you're coming to find ou, Metamask is an application or browser extension that allows you to buy and sell, and keep handy, NFTs on the blockchain. It is a digital wallet and considered super safe. NOTE: It will not work on Safari.

Things to remember:

  • When you initiate setting up your MetaMask account keep the key or secret phrase they give you SUPER SAFE. If you lose it you can not get it back through the system. Why would that suck? It would suck is you had crypto in it. You would lose it all. So keep this info super duper safe.

  • Do not be afraid to share your public key, this is your payment address if you're selling stuff. You don't mind letting people have access to giving you money, right? But DO NOT EVER share your secret phrase. My receiving key looks like this: 0x654DA28A4ddCB1D11aBB369d41a9c83Ed297534c. Yours will be similar. I mean different, but the same mix of gobbledygook.

James, below, knows what he's talking about. This is a January 2022 release in his Metamask info series.


0:00 MetaMask tutorial for beginners

0:34 How to download MetaMask

2:21 MetaMask settings

3:17 How to add tokens to MetaMask

4:13 How to add networks to MetaMask

6:38 Buy crypto on MetaMask

7:46 Deposit to MetaMask

9:01 Send crypto from MetaMask

11:59 How to use MetaMask with DAPPS

14:55 Using MetaMask with DAPPS

3. Fund Your Wallet With Crypto

James, above, showed you how to do that. Choose Ethereum because that's what most NFTs are sold through these days. Polygon connected with ETH is also a good choice.

If you live in or have a Texas mailing address connected with your finances you're going to have trouble getting crypto into your wallet, any wallet. Texas has a problem with this stuff. There are work arounds. Message me for ideas. (use the Contact link in the above site navigation)

4. Explore What's For Sale!

This is the fun part. Here's a link to my current offering. More are coming. I've got a drop schedule coming up that's going to offer some freebies!! Be sure you're on my mailing list for that info!

5. Place Your Bid Or Make Your First Purchase!

Alexander with his 12 years of coding experience swears this is the easiest easiest walk through for how to do that. Check him out:

6. Finishing up.

Now to display your new NFT! Check out this post. I've assembled a whole bunch of options for you.

Good for you! Now you know how to navigate your way around one of the more popular NFT marketplaces and actually buy an NFT! See how smart you are?! And you thought this might be hard. You are ready for the Metaverse, kiddo. I'm proud of you!


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