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How To Display And Otherwise Use Your New NFT

You bought an awesome NFT, now what? What do you DO with an NFT anyway? There are a couple of answers, but first, a question: What type of NFT do you want to display?

Display screens for NFTs are becoming more widely available

Because as we're finding out, NFTs can be a whole slew of types of digital assets. From digital tickets to insanely awesome and semi-private events with alll kinds of digital swag, to a new outfit for your avatar in an online game. Or, if Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc) has its way, we'll all be using their online office spaces using avatars we create for ourselves.. And we'll be able to purchase NFT outfits and accessories for our avatar to wear in meetings, or all the other places coming online.

All of that is coming, but let's start with something available now. so let's say you want to show a visual piece, an image or a video. And let's further say it's today, because who knows what the options to use these things will be a month from now, or next year!

Right now there are some intuitive ways you can display your visual NFTs. The top 4 ways to display your NFTs are:

  • Dedicated Display Screens

  • Slideshow capable display screens

  • Websites - online gallery spaces you either own or a part of

  • Social Media


Dedicated Display Screens

These are a type of new tech that allows you to connect your crypto wallet to a site where you can upload your NFT and embed it into the chip of that device so it will display that NFT. These come in a variety of sizes and the main thing to note here is this is a one-off deal. Meaning, you are programming the screen to show just this one NFT, still image or video clip.

You can't swap your NFT out for a different one down the line. They've done this deliberately, I think to help collectors start really embracing the concept of NFTs and originals. But their name is counter intuitive to that restriction, right? But for now this is what they're offering. Their site says "Compact and affordable. a great entryway into the concept of showing your favorite NFT in your own space. From $79 - $300 USD"

A recent screenshot of the Infinite Objects website


Slideshow Capable Display Screens

Samsung is going nuts with their love for NFTs! They say that ALL their smart tvs starting this year (2022) are going to be NFT display compatible. Oh, but they don't stop there, they're building a marketplace too you'll be able to access via an app built into the tv's OS where you'll be able to purchase or rent an NFT stream. More info.

According to Samsung, their platform will let creators “share their art with the world” and let potential buyers:

  • Preview an NFT before purchasing it

  • Learn about an NFT’s history and blockchain metadata

  • and other cool stuff

Look for ALL smart tvs to start offering similar features.

Netgear has created display screens dedicated to showing NFTs too. They call them Meural Screens and they are pricey, but as you probably already know, some NFTs are insanely valuable so why not drop $3000US for a slick screen to show your CryptoKitties collection, huh? See for yourself.

The Netgear Meural Display, comes in a variety of sizes


Websites Where You Curate And Show Your Own NFT Collection

Cyber's home page - you can create your own gallery of NFTs here

  • Spatial: A site where you can create your own virtual galleries. Display both 3D and 2D NFTs. Anyone can visit your gallery using VR (virtual reality) headsets, mobile devices, or any web browser.

  • Showtime: Showtime is more of an NFT social media site that lets you create a profile much like an Instagram page and then display your NFT art. Once you connect your wallet to the website, it automatically creates a profile featuring all your NFTs. You can also follow other artists and collectors and like, share, or comment on any NFTs.

  • Cyber: Display your NFTs in a fully immersive manner. Here, you simply have to import your NFTs from Metamask, choose an experience, and you are good to go!

  • Lazy: backed by billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban (Hello Shark Tank fans) and offers the “laziest” way to showcase your assets. In other words, the website offers a simple way for collectors to create an account and connect wallets. Boom. You're done.

And of course more coming down the pike in 2022.

The Lazy home page - los like they practice what they preach, lol


Social Media

And finally, you can showcase your NFTs on any of your favorite social media. NFT creators LOVE IT when you do this and tell your followers where you go the art. That's like an high impact endorsement directly from you! So be sure to include a piece of info on how your audience can find the artist. Any of our user names or website links are super helpful.

Secret Insider Info!

Most of us DO NOT CARE and even LOVE IT when you post one of our NFTs in your channels. Why? What about Copyright stuff, right?

See, when you post one of our images and include a link to us, the piece, or offer some other identifier you help make that image more popular. And creators like me are SO GRATEFUL when you do that. You're helping add value to our work!

So definitely post freely but always include some way for your followers to find the art you're posting.

Once you own one of my NFTs any time you post it publicly you're helping add value to the work which makes the NFT you bought (or maybe I gave you free) more valuable. When enough people get involved doing this WE ALL WIN!

So, does that sound like a Ponzi scheme to you or does it sound like people helping people? There's simply no losers in a plan like this!

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