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Hopeful Outcomes: Letting Peaches Be Delicious Once More

Another piece from my Equipoise Project. This one is about reclaiming a healthier relationship with current events. Symbols included:

  • Poet Amanda Gorman

  • the two rescue dogs in the White House

  • Anubis from Egyptian art to represent the old

  • a robot that symbolizes the burgeoning Artificial Intelligence permeating our cultures

  • Lettuce and bread about stimulus deals and the need to pay attention to sustainable food production

  • peaches as a symbol of deliciousness and less of divisive politics

  • fresh growing rooted flowers to represent healthy growth,

  • and a pegasus golden horse flying along with a quote from Gorman's "The Hill We Climb" poem read at the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

  • The fox symbolizes a renewed dedication to eschew the unsubstantiated stories put out by so many of our news sources on either side of the issues. She is there to remind us to seek balance in our news stories rather than sensationalism.

This is a hopeful piece, an image about joy. Comes in a variety of sizes and mounts from 8" up to 48". Click here to shop.


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