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Get YOUR Art In The Metaverse Private Learning Sessions

Updated: May 19, 2023

Would you like to create a gallery like this in the metaverse? I can walk you through the process

How am I Qualified to offer these sessions?

I have spent months exploring, researching, taking classes and experimenting with the metaverse as a member of the newly coined Creator Community. As an artist I am keen to be an early adopter of these fascinating new concepts. Not just to make money, but more importantly to ensure at least part of the web3 holds space for hope, optimism and plenty of joy! And then there's the communities creating themselves all over the place in the various platforms. You hear people call it the new 'wild west', and because it's all so fresh and evolving you can form really wonderful bonds with others!

i have put hours and hours into finding some logical pathways into areas of the metaverse I can parlay into productive elements in my long range goals with it going forward. Discovering how to put together a cohesive presence has been my focus. the metaverse is an ever changing, always evolving, set of platforms, that are not yet as connected as they likely will be, but all predictions suggest that’s what’s coming. Many futurists believe we are going to be spending more and more of our time in the. metaverse, socializing, doing business, creating digital spaces to gather with friends and family and shopping for items to decorate these digital homes! I am among them. after the last 2 years becoming comfortable with Zoom meetings, conferences and parties, I think we’re perfectly prepped to dive in.

It can be so much easier for you!

If you’ve read this far, then you probably think so too! But you may not have the kind of free time it took me to come up to speed learning how all this stuff works and ties together. I can help you stake a claim in this brave new world without the hassle of dead ends, bad choices and resource consuming mistakes.

I am offering to work with you, one on one, on a Google Meet video call to get you launched in the metaverse!

NFT Sessions


  • 2 forty minute Zoom sessions one on one in a private online video session with live screen sharing - yours to me or mine to you. Back to back or across several days.

  • bonus 1/2 hour follow-up session to address any questions or issues you encounter after you go it on your own

  • Follow up customized notes with relevant links and footnotes

  • 1 limited edition nft from my gallery on Voice.

Learn what you want from these choices:

  • How to buy crypto

  • Set up and link your crypto wallet

  • Choose NFT sales platforms

  • Create your presence on the platforms you choose (assemble correctly sized images, craft your bio, etc)

  • How to create NFTs using photos, digital drawings and paintings and other digital assets - yes you can convert existing art into NFTs!

  • How to add movement to still images

  • What tools you need to make your life as a content creator and seller easy - apps, screens, etc...

  • Invent your unlockable content offerings (what these are, how they add value to your sales)

  • See how to create a gallery for your art in the metaverse

  • Learn how to format your art to be compatible with platforms in the. metaverse

  • Walk through how to create and edit your accounts on various metaverse platforms

  • What related platforms you should consider becoming involved in to start tapping in to the communities that will support your goals best (Discord, Telegram, Twitter, etc)

  • Brainstorm ways to start educating your followers and collectors to join you in the metaverse - spoiler alert you've already got some of the outlets you need, yay!

We Can Explore:

From among these world-generating platforms:

  • Decentraland

  • Gather

  • The Sandbox

  • Roblox

  • Cryptovoxels

  • Hyperverse

  • - like a Patreon for the web3 - your brand forms its own crypto for your collectors to trade with

  • And other growing destinations in the metaverse

And from among these NFT sales platforms:

  • Rarible

  • Mintable

  • OpenSea

  • Voice

  • Etc...


.13 eth. (Valued at around $230 as of this writing). Check the current exchange rate here.

I only accept Ethereum as of this writing - no fiat (familiar online payment methods and cash).

If necessary I will teach you how to make that payment!

link opens email draft


I can't wait to help you join this wonderful universe where artists matter more than ever!

Not all who wander are lost.

And not all who wander are artists.

The metaverse needs us!


To customize your experience and maximize the value of your session I will email you a list of questions designed to discover exactly what you want to learn. Your answers will let me prepare for our time together so we are efficient and you get get the info you want to go forward on your own in the metaverse!


Free Info!

Want to figure out how to get started? Read my 6 blog posts covering the fundamentals here.


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