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Embracing Creative Freedom: Exploring the Uncharted Territory of "Art For Me"

Behind the scenes at the "Art For Me" project

In a world often dominated by commercial considerations, artists sometimes find themselves craving a space for pure self-expression and unbridled exploration. If you follow me on social media you may have noticed that I have embarked on a project that I call "Art For Me," where I allow myself the freedom to explore absolutely any image I want and paint it in my sketchbook.

Right off the bat I'm breaking two unspoken rules:

  1. I'm adding paintings back to back into a book usually reserved for tests, experiments and half baked thoughts.

  2. The paper is thin, buckles and not designed to carry the heft of acrylic paint.

But I don't care!

This project is not about commercial success; it is about self-discovery, authenticity, and reclaiming the joy of creating art purely for the sake of it. In this blog post,I'm writing about it here to inspire fellow creatives by sharing some of the backstory of my journey and invite you to embark on you own explorations.

How I got here

For a long time, I have felt the weight of expectations and external pressures dampening my creativity. The "Art For Me" project emerged as a response to that, as a rebellion against the commercial-driven art world I have been a part of for four decades. By setting aside commercial considerations, I find myself liberated to explore uncharted artistic territories. In this space, I give myself permission to experiment, to take risks, and to tap into the core of my artistic expression.

Liberating the Sketchbook:

My sketchbook has became a sacred space, a sanctuary of creativity where rules and expectations are left behind. Within its pages, I embark on a journey of self-discovery, choosing images to paint that speak to my soul. Sometimes, the images come from my imagination, while other times they are inspired by personal experiences or random sources. Regardless of their origin, each painting becomes a window into my inner world, a reflection of my emotions and thoughts in the moment

The Power of Uninhibited Creativity:

By embracing creative freedom, I discover the immense power it holds. Through "Art For Me," I can push the boundaries of my artistic skills, experiment with new techniques, and venture into unexplored artistic styles. This process not only stimulates my imagination but also fosters personal growth. I realize that by embracing the unknown, I can uncover hidden facets of my creativity and develop further my unique artistic voice.

Cultivating Inspiration:

Inspiration is the fuel that propels our creative endeavors. To find inspiration for my "Art For Me" project, I immerse myself in various art forms and genres. I explore different mediums and techniques, observing nature, people, and everyday objects with fresh eyes. I discover that even the simplest things can hold immense beauty and artistic potential. Moreover, reflecting on personal experiences and emotions serves as a wellspring of inspiration, enabling me to infuse my artwork with authenticity and depth.

Sharing the Journey

Art can be shared and experienced collectively. As I embarked on my "Art For Me" journey, I realized the importance of connecting with others who shared similar passions. That's why I encourage fellow creatives to document and share their own explorations using the hashtags #paintedsketchbook and #artforme. By doing so, we can continue to cultivate a supportive community, exchanging ideas, inspiration, and encouragement. Together, we can celebrate the beauty of uninhibited creativity and inspire one another to fearlessly explore the depths of our artistic potential.

An Invitation

The "Art For Me" project is an invitation to fellow creatives to reclaim your artistic freedom, to immerse yourself in the process of self-discovery, and to embrace the joy of creating without commercial considerations. It is a call to let go of external expectations and trust our artistic instincts. By embarking on this journey, we can unlock hidden realms within ourselves and forge a deeper connection with our art. So, dear artists, let us paint, draw, and create with a sense of uninhibited wonder, and together,


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