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Book Trailer for Taming The Shopping Bug

Here's the quickie book trailer for my latest graphic novel.

And a panel explaining what the 288 page graphic novel is all about:

Some reviews:

"Everything about this book is friendly, delightful, and smart. The premise is one year without shopping (with a few exceptions for necessaries), but the book detours to some wonderful, unexpected places. It's a multicultural, historical joyride through one animal-loving, stuff-collecting woman's experience of not buying much of anything over the course of 2019. There's some traveling around in the history of goods and purchasing, and I got answers to questions I didn't even know I had. I never once felt preached to, which feels like it could have been a pitfall of a project like this, but it wasn't. It's pure curiosity, humor, and truth. It's also a practical guide, in a way, for how to begin to reduce consuming. Highly recommend. Loved everything about it."

"This book is so charming and makes you think about your consumption. It caused me to slow down and think about whether I really needed to buy certain new things. It motivated me to get my shoes repaired rather than get new ones. I am mending my clothes instead of buying new. I'm giving it as a gift as it is so charming and intelligent. Buy it and then pass it on!!"


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