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The Art of Nature

The stresses of how the pandemic is impacting North America's two southern countries, the U.S. and Mexico, are taking a toll on the people who live there, myself included. There is so much we can't control. So many unknowns and an uncertain future. Except all of this is completely invisible in the nature that surrounds us.

Butterflies continue to sip nectar. Honeybees fly back to their hives golden pollen dangling off their legs. Baby rattlesnakes wander by and foals dance around their mothers out in the fields. The wind blows. The rain falls. I find so much solace paying attention to the natural world around me during this time. Life most definitely carries on.

In my Creativity Club I assembled information on one of my favorite 'art in the landscape' (and beyond) artists Andy Goldsworthy. Mr. Goldsworthy has been interacting creatively with nature for decades and has amassed a truly inspired body of work. Below are some of his pieces. He uses only what he finds, doesn't augment color or form, and photographs the result.

Stunning right?

In the video below he discusses how created a series of paintings using melting ice and ground up rocks from the landscape. He loves working with rocks that contain iron both for it color and relationship to human blood - which also gets its red color from iron. He feels this demonstrates a connection that he finds the world over.


To dig a little deeper into my own attraction to connecting with nature right now I dug up a little information on a collective dedicated to partnering with nature for decade, Findhorn in northeastern Scotland.

The Findhorn Foundation is at the heart of an extraordinary community created by people interested in bringing positive change to the globe through the shared interests of co-creation, personal connection and story in action,

Findhorn began as a deeply spiritual gardening project that grew into a movement of enlightenment, reach and awareness. It has an interesting path intricately woven through the spiritual paths of a variety of individuals moved by shared experiences that reach back deeply into human history and seek to connect the human experience on earth to a healthier future in balance with our drives, impulses and activities that highlight connection.

Findhorn teachers leave no stone unturned in their journey to make this world a better place for all.

Findhorn says:

Our planet is alive and aware. By communicating and working with the rest of nature, humans can find and bring new and creative solutions to life.

These are not just new-age thoughts, but reflect the beliefs of many ancient human cultures.

Findhorn also says: We bring the practice of collaborating with other forms of life into our daily activities in our kitchens, gardens and living spaces. Before each shift, we invite non-human partners, such as the plants we’re tending, animals we’re with and non-physical members of our subtle ecologies, to work alongside us. This cooperation brings practical results, as well as a more connected and creative relationship to life.

Other cultures refer to these subtle energies as the Fae or fairies throughout Europe, the aja, Zulu, Yoruba, Xochiquetzel. Yum Kaax, That Badan, Vayu, etc etc…..and they are alive and well throughout cultures that have not lot touch with the teachings of the ancients the world over.

Wikipedia has a huge list of global nature deities from Africa to New Zealand

The people of Findhorn have stepped up to form programming designed to help bring us together globally and find new solution as the globe negotiates the impacts of global warming and the effects of the pandemic. The NewStory learning program slated to begin thi September is an 8 month personal exploration into finding out how you can best determine and bring your own passions into the new world. More info here.

This video describes the 2016 program now being updated for 2020!


Today's creative activity was to collect some natural elements from your area and then combine them somehow into a work. Each participant had amazing solutions. Below is mine.



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