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Reality’s Pluralities: Living The Multiverse Life For Real

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Reality, what a concept.
-Robin Williams

Choose your reality.

In this time of COVID I have come to learn about the multiplicity of life choices in new ways as I observe how whole segments of of populations I thought I understood choose to ignore science and directives from heretofore trusted sources in favor of adapting circumstances to personal convenience and choice.

I see it with the political climate throughout the U.S. right now. Citizens are choosing the narratives that most closely align with their personally established expectations, despite any evidence to the contrary. Great numbers of people are ready to ally with candidates that champion causes that often shore up truly unfortunate long term prejudices while at the same time quietly undermine societal supports for these very same people joining in! That's how impactful unexamined beliefs can truly be. They can really ricochet backwards.

white horse with slogan ribbon
My Dreams ARE My Reality

And so it goes for all our beliefs. Our beliefs cause us to view the circumstances that we experience to fall within the particular framework we invent that bolsters those beliefs. We constantly assemble personal proof that supports our convictions. It's a circular process.

You see it play out in psychological experiments all the time. People who believe the worst will happen perceive experiences, and adjust how they interact with circumstances in such a way they will guarantee this outcome. Same too with people who believe themselves to have born "under a lucky star'. Each person, the negative focused one or the positive focused one will:

  • send out subtle energy

  • tweak behaviors

  • create expectations

  • perceive outcomes

that align with --and help bring to being-- their overarching belief.

Others Want You To "Buy Into" Their Reality

We are always being bombarded with opportunities to buy into ideologies, products and concepts others are offering. It's up to us to create a firm footing on a solid foundation that allows us to weigh these options proactively in ways that support our wellness, health and personal growth.

Right now many Americans are being encouraged by less than benign entities to adopt beliefs that ultimately jeopardize their own safety, happiness, and serenity. Thoughtless people have politicized mask-wearing throughout the United States and have suggested this issue falls within the realm of party affiliation.

I want to remind people that we are always allowed to assemble beliefs that support our safety, happiness, and serenity. We're not just allowed to, I believe we are given the responsibility to and not just let others to make these claims for us. You can be a Republican and wear a face mask knowing doing so supports your belief in research and science. You don't have to buy into the narrative that it is an act of the weak and an indication of an affiliation with Democrats. Your participation in creating a safer environment when you're out in public is an ethical act, not a political one.

Own Your Own Beliefs

It's from a foundation of hope that we can individually and collectively create a much healthier presence in our own lives and on this beautiful planet with our fellow inhabitants. This is a completely non-partisan practice. Politics don't have a place here. Personal happiness, yes. And, no, you can't let your judgement of how others achieve this be tied to your own happiness. Your happiness comes from within you and isn't caused by others. (True, short bursts of joy are available from the external, but for the long lasting, lifelong happiness you gotta build that from the inside out.)

Your Reality is Closely Tied With What You Focus On

How To Stay In A More Hopeful Reality

I work hard to observe what's happening around me and in the world at large, so I can be tuned in and positively responsive to the current struggles, but I don't allow despair, negativity and the apparent hopelessness being sold to infiltrate my core level reality. If I did I wouldn't be able to participate from my highest purpose. In this case creating images and sending out ideas that help others learn how to access more positive for themselves.

  • I source out non-sensationalized information sources

  • I cross check information with multiple sources before accepting it as Truth

  • I do not absorb party-line memes, announcements, accusations and other blatantly divisive materials

  • I stay open to learning so I can comprehend the nature of discontent

  • I meditate and surround myself with positive projects so I don't become hopelessly mired in 'realities' packaged solely to advance the often unhealthy goals of profiteers.

There are many realities competing for our attention. The healthiest, most hopeful iterations seem to be the more subtle. Pay attention to the experiences that help you find your buoyancy through life’s challenges and tests.

Popular reality can hit you over the head with its bombast and dread. More balanced and hopeful personal reality grows from a spark within. Highlight it through meditation and journaling. Nurture it mindfully.

Create The Reality You Seek

Each drawing symbolizes elements of happiness and hope to me.

All Images ©Marti McGinnis 2020


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