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HappyArt Does Inktober2020

Drawing Challenges Are Awesome!

When it comes to drawing challenges, I am a big fan. I’ve participated in a few over the years. It’s a productive way to connect with other artists and strengthen a commitment to creating art regularly. Of course, as a professional artist for so many years, the way I made a living was in being productive creatively so that’s nothing new for me. Matter of fact about fifteen years ago I began my own challenge to make a painting a day with the condition that each painting had to build off of one of the edges of the last piece.

Constraints are generally very good for sparking ideas, and it totally worked for me. My “Big Idea” project left me with about 100 paintings and the beginning of a new pursuit which lead to the creation of HapiLani, the land of my dreams. HapiLani became several gallery exhibits featuring a variety of maps, illustrations, artifacts and archeologic items from this imaginary world. Finally it became a book.

The Benefits

I think one of the biggest benefits of following through on challenges like these is you’re sort of forced to break through old patterns. You’re invited to consider creating images that may be totally outside your normal sphere.

This year is the first time I’ve joined “Inktober”. Jake Parker coined the word in 2009 when he launched the inktober concept online. Since then it has really gained an international following! Everyone is invited to participate!

Join Me For The Rest of Inktober2020

It’s simple. Just take an ink drawing using the prompts and post your result on your own social media using the appropriate hashtags. That’s it! You’ll instantly be a part of a huge group of likeminded artists all over the world. You can search the same hashtags and see what others have done using the same prompts. It’s inspirational and reminds you how many ways and styles there are to depict a subject. And a side benefit is, if you do a drawing every day for the whole month of October you are well on your way to developing an excellent habit.

Something to get you in the mood:


Inktober 2020 Prompts

1. Fish 

2. Wisp 

3. Bulky 

4. Radio 

5. Blade 

6. Rodent 

7. Fancy 

8. Teeth 

9. Throw 

10. Hope 

11. Disgusting 

12. Slippery 

13. Dune 

14. Armor 

15. Outpost 

16. Rocket 

17. Storm 

18. Trap 

19. Dizzy 

20. Coral 

21. Sleep 

22. Chef 

23. Rip 

24. Dig 

25. Buddy 

26. Hide 

27. Music 

28. Float 

29. Shoes 

30. Ominous 

31. Crawl


Inking Techniques Refresher!



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