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iota McHippus is a funny, opinionated mini horse who has a flake of hay as a sidekick. He has his very own comic series! Click here to see all the installments so far.


Meet iota in person!

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Zoom with iota!



Celebrity Mini Horse iota McHippus

Who's iota? Here is his facebook page:

He is known for being a tough little horse from Kentucky who now lives in Mexico. He is brave, snarky and has a very high opinion of himself. He is also a dedicated animal advocate. He used to be a therapy pet until he started trying to bite the people he was visiting.



A 10 minute appearance in your next Zoom meeting!


He’ll be on camera likely enjoying a snack. He can share his screen with the group and show one of his short home videos. He’s got one where he’s racing around a yard with a friend that’s pretty inspirational. And while he can’t speak he IS able to text chat if your group have any questions for him.


He’ll join your meeting. 

You send the meeting info and the desired time you’d like him to show up.

This is a GREAT opportunity to grab a screenshot with him in attendance with your group and share on your social media and in newsletters. You can always work the phrase “We’re feeling a little horse” in to be punny.


The Cost

A donation (you decide, no wrong answer) donation which will be given to a local food bank earmarked specifically for pet food for those that need it down here in central Mexico (San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato) where iota lives.

Choose your preferred way to pay:

Arrange now!

email iota's secretary The Lady (Marti McGinnis) now!

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