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HappyArt is the creative world of Marti McGinnis. 
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Using Art + Creativity for Inner Peace

Art For Me

#artforme is also #artforyou! I recently graduated from the Association for Person Centered Creatve Arts as a Therapeutic Art Facilitator.

Using the person-centered approach of Carl Rogers and the creative process I'm helping people get in touch with aspects of their subconscious,

You can read all about here.

Contact me to learn more and to schedule a free sample session!

All throughout 2014 I will add a new design each month. These will be available on a selection of products from scarves and wearables to home goods. I'll let myself be inspired by whatever sets my sail and with any luck you'll find a design or two you like too! January and February are already available!


A new series of drawings based on actual dreams. This first one depicts my adventures on roller skates whiffing through a crazy huge fully carpeted mall/hotel/zoo complex. I dunno what it means, but I had fun drawing it!


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