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HappyArt is the creative world of Marti McGinnis. 
NFTs • paintings • drawings • positivity • creativity

Marti is thrilled to announce several all new Paper Mache SMA workshops in San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato. Click here for full details.


Marti is finishing the creation of a fully illustrated guide to making Paper Mache sculpture in your own studio. Stay tuned! It will be available as a download or print book.


NFTs are back! Look, I don't know where you stand on this concept, I barely know where I stand on it. It's a wildly changing landscape.  That said, being able to offer digital pieces you can download and add to your life here in the real-verse or your presence in the metaverse is something I'd like to offer. So while there's all kinds of controversy about AI created art and digital art in general, I'm just still doing my thing getting color and joy out into the world no matter how it's situated. Click on any of the pieces above to learn more and start collecting!


© 2023 Marti McGinnis

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