HappyArt.com is the home for the whimsical, colorful, upbeat art of Marti McGinnis.

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What is HappyArt?

Marti McGinni

Marti McGinnis created the name HappyArt for her unique and colorful, upbeat art. She has been exploring different media (painting, drawing, felting, woodworking, digital art — you-name-it!) ever since. And so, you can see her passion throughout this site. Check out her blog for updates that focus on some aspect of her work: from personal challenges to uplifting inspiration and beyond.

Marti is an artist dedicated to her voice and vision. She strongly believes she has been placed on this earth, at this time, to help reconnect people with the wisdom of animals. Her mission is reflected in the joy of her colorful art. People say it’s whimsical. They say it’s Dr. Suessian. They say it makes them happy. You can see a difference in Marti’s art, it has a charm that delights whether as a print, a duvet cover, a dress or a specially commissioned wall piece.

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