Dos Perros Dos Vidas

Two Dogs Two Lives

66 pages full color picture boo

 (Twice as many pages as typical children's picture books!)

8.5: x 8.5"

A beautiful story of how small decisions can have big impact in the lives of our canine friends. Told completely without text. Includes illustrations and bilingual (Spanish/English) explanations of dog body language and a homemade dog food recipe!
66 pages of lush illustrations.
Great as an inspirational info book for spay and neuter clinics.

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A boy on a bicycle with two puppies in a basket has an accident and one puppy wanders off in a daze. He and the other puppy try to find her in the big city where they live, but they are not successful. The lost puppy has a much rougher start than the puppy with the boy. In their dreams the dogs continue to play with each other but during the day they each have very different life experiences.

The lost puppy's story illustrates how lack of caretaker knowledge about dog well-being can lead to a less happy companion. Told without judgement.

Of course there is a happy ending!

Throughout, there is leeway in the interpretation of the illustrations to allow the reader to fill in from his or her own imagination about how the story details play out.

The concept of spaying/neutering is suggested as a positive way to help keep a dog healthy and help reduce the number of homeless dogs in the world.

Want A Bunch Of Copies?
If you're associated with helping dogs , spay/neuter groups, dog rescue, etc,  or want to give copies away to groups of kids who might benefit from the info in this sort of story please contact Marti to purchase in large quantities. She will help you get copies as close to printing cost as possible (plus tax and shipping)
Minimum 10+ books

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  • quantities over 100 copies please contact Marti to discuss reprinting options.


When you purchase books from any outlet at retail, for every book you buy Marti can order another to give away free to kids in Mexico where she lives! Every cent or peso earned goes directly back into printing more books for more kids!


Generous donors have made it possible for me to print the first several hundred in full color to be passed out to children in rural Mexico completely free in association with two very active spay and neuter groups here in San Miguel de Allende.

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