Marti's Art Clubs

Level 1 For kids to enhance their natural affinity for creativity

Level 2 for adults seeking to expand your personal creative journey

Suggested is $30/month - for 8 LIVE sessions for the kids' class and 4 LIVE sessions for the adult class!

Full or partial Scholarships are available. 

You decide for yourself what you can pay. The main goal is to make art!!!

Level 1


On Going - for kids

 Level 1 is designed for getting your young artist(s) interested in enhancing their creativity! So often children are accidentally taught exactly how NOT to become more creative. As a professional artist with over thirty years experience. I have learned a ton about how to build up the skills I was born with. Among these continues to be my curiosity and passion for making and drawing things. I continue to relearn, by teaching and taking classes myself time and time again on a whole variety of creative topics, how to give space to, protect and enhance the creative spirit.


The world needs creative thinkers, visionaries and can-do builders now more than ever before. It is my goal to help fan the flames of that spark of creativity children come pre-installed with. No, I don’t think every one of my students is going to become an artist professionally, but I do believe they will have a much better chance to become better problem solvers, feel good about their future ’tries’ in other subjects and forever have insights of appreciation because you helped them stay in touch with their creativity during this pivotal time in their lives.



Please feel free to stay for sessions and join in the activities. Every one of my sessions is designed for a wide variety of skills that I encourage to adapt to the task at hand. Don’t feel embarrassed if your young artist is looser, freer or demonstrates more aptitude than you. Like so many, you likely had your creative spirit dulled by well meaning teachers throughout your own learning career. If you’re up for it, the exercises and processes I present can help you regain some of what you lost!

Kids and adults ready to experiment and play with a variety of media,, challenges and inspirations.

2 live (or on demand) sessions a week

30 minutes each - with additional time to finish project and check in on Facebook Group

Sessions will cover:

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Sculpting

  • Collage

  • Cartooning

  • Creating characters

  • Illustrating stories

  • Creating memes - Canva 

  • Digital drawing

  • Photo editing

  • Paper clay (for sculpting)

  • and more!


Supplies provided.....

Easily obtained art supplies will be used in classes progress:

Things like: crayons, paint, colored pencils, colored pens or digital drawing tablet as well as simple sculpting supplies - lists are emailed ahead of each class that requires special items.

We'll also explore how we allow ourselves to be inspired by other artists!

  • Inspirations

  • Pablo Picasso

  • Henri Matisse

  • Frida Kahlo

  • Mary Casset

  • Jeff Koons 

  • Cindy Sherman

  • Bill Waterson 

  • Lynda Barry 

  • Lesser known, but equally amazing artists and creatives the world over - some of whom Marti will interview live!

Initial sessions are FREE so you and your artist can decide if this is right for you.

Thereafter Four weeks - $30 (8 sessions) - renew every month desired!

includes private Facebook Group support and personal feedback)

Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30pm CST or each week's sessions on demand)

The form below starts your registration process.

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE if money is tight - just ask. Email Marti.

join in any time!

Registration Level 1

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Level 2 - adults

Exploring Creativity for Artists

In the video below, Marti introduces the concepts to be covered in these online sessions.....

These blog posts show topics covered.

More info

Artists wishing to strengthen their own artistic vision and voice through projects designed to highlight personal propensities and your own artistic journey.


Regular live online video meetups as well as on-demand videos.

Shared Pinterest boards

YouTube videos

private facebook groups


  • Artists wishing to meaningfully connect with like-minded others

  • Artists looking to broaden into new territories

  • Beginner artists who wish to experiment

  • Creatives who want to find or strengthen your unique artistic voice

  • People ready to learn new creativity techniques 

  • People stuck at home


Through a wide assortment of media, activities and experiments participants will be encouraged to expand their creative expertise and artistic vision in the company of similarly driven creatives highlighting YOUR creative predilections, inspirations and impulses.

Over the course of a the upcoming months you will be encouraged to make and add to your own Art Soul Book or Box of Creative Treasure


    Marti will research the viability of every activity offered for its potential to expand your creative process.

    She will provide links to resources for further exploration in our shared private Facebook group.

    Participants will be encouraged to define and build on your own truly unique style.

    You will be shown ways to do this.

    Everyone will be encouraged to participate in meaningful dialogue with each other to maximize connection and the possibility to reach even deeper into our individual artistic journeys.



  • 2 LIVE sessions a week - 2 weeks a month
    (also available on-demand to suit your schedule)

  • 4 sessions total every month with feedback from Marti and other participants available throughout via Facebook Group

  • Sign up any time and begin your month with the next scheduled session - this is a 'hop in - hop out' arrangement.

A sampling of Inspirations to be explored

predictable and non-predictable!

  • Frenchies

  • Mexican Maestros y Maestras

  • Mixed Media Masters

  • Newbies

  • Photographers

  • Cartoonists

  • Illustrators

  • Lesser known amazing artists and creatives the world over

  • Intuitive artists

  • Raw visionaries

  • Experimentalalists

  • Etc...

Marti will source our creative visionaries practicing the arts of their own vision and share the findings with you, coupled with challenges and projects designed to highlight the processes of these people and help you uncover information that supports your own work.

Online Creativity Explorations

  • online art sessions with offline coaching available

  • community

  • focus

  • fine tuning skills

  • further developing unique vision and voice


Throughout, we will be working with a variety of media - most of it analog, though digital output will be supported as well.

No matter what your preference for creating your regular work, we will be playing with a whole variety of media. Doing so stretches you!

  • Painting - whatever's your favorite

  • Collage

  • Writing (I know, you'll see)

  • Cartooning

  • Creating characters

  • Illustration

  • Drawing and Sketching

  • Photo editing

  • Sculpture

  • Typography

  • Assemblage

Topics to be explored regularly

how to enahnce personal creativity









Golden rule

Principles in art

Out of the box thinking

Idea expansion



4 LIVE online video meetings a month

4 sessions every month with unlimited access to on-demand videos and personalized feedback available throughout via Facebook Group.

1/2 hour personal coaching and critique video sessions with Marti can be purchased separately.

Sample sessions

Day 1

  • Check in

  • New project explained and discussed (video or other media shared)

  • What it is

  • Why it can open up new avenues of thoughts

  • Ways to think about to

  • Examples and when applicable a live demo from Marti or guest artist

  • Ideas

  • Recordings of the live sessions will be available for a limited after each live meeting

Day 2

  • On the eve of Day 2 - Project progress uploaded to Facebook group (photos, text, video, etc)

  • Group response

  • Artist's own sharing of the challenge's difficulties, breakthroughs, discoveries, frustrations, aha moments, etc...

  • Discussion

  • Next steps discussed

  • Updates encouraged in our online forum

In between sessions, posting and sharing in our private group can help keep the challenge alove and progress flowing until the next event.


This is a hop in - hop out series

You can start from the beginning or pick it up any time as the creative journey is in no way a linear one.

Info from sessions you miss can still be found on this website through a confidentially accessed portal, and in our Facebook Group.

First sessions FREE so you can determine if this is a good fit for you.

$30/month - 4 sessions and unlimited access to on-demand videos with personalized feedback and attention via our PRIVATE Facebook group.

Renewed monthly

Half hour private coaching and/or critique video sessions available with Marti at $25/each. (great for brainstorming personal breakthroughs)

Contact Marti for more info

Contact Marti to decide if this is right for you!

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