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Confidential Free Book PDF Page

Hi! If you're here, it's because I've given you this confidential URL to link you to a FULL FREE PDF version of my book "Taming The Shopping Bug".


This link will take you to its location in my Dropbox. I would have uploaded it here, but it's too big a file for this site to handle (just over 300MB). Why? Because it's a visually juicy thick (280 pages in print form) graphic novel, lol. Tons of kilobyte info.

Let me know if there is a different way you'd like to receive your complimentary copy and I will do my best to accomodate you.


  • Log in to DropBox (it's free to sign up if you don't already have an account)

  • Download the pdf to your notepad or computer (the pages will no doubt feel way too small on a phone screen)

  • when you go to open it choose your favorite pdf reader app. YES it will open perfectly in Kindle.

  • When you're done - be sure to get in touch with me at and/or leave it a review on amazon here.


Q&A with Marti McGinnis


Why did you write this book?

I have wanted to do a graphic novel for a long time so when I got the bee in my bonnet to severely limit my shopping for a year I thought the info would be best portrayed in this way! In fact I tried to do NO non-essential shopping for the year, but I failed - which is all documented in the book.

Why is it in black and white?

I knew many Kindle readers can only handle non-colorized interiors, and I didn't want my Kindle readers to get the short end of the stick on that. Also print copies are less expensive this way for the print-on-demand outlets I wanted to use.

Why cartoons?

Cartoons are great at portraying somewhat 'dry' info in a much more digestible form. Plus it's rather who I am as an artist.

Top lessons learned?

It was very revealing to discover the history of recreational shopping and just how much Americans have been 'trained' throughout our lives to consume stuff as a way of life.

Has it changed the way you shop? I absolutely LOVE how younger generations are not falling those same habits and are starting to entirely recreate how we should think about consuming things. I was delighted to learn so much about the NOwnership trend and experiences over things habits.

Would you do it again?

In fact the #minimalshopping habit has really become ingrained in my behavior. I absolutely did buy some frivolities when my year was up, but I haven't fallen back into old habits. At all. A truly unexpected benefit!

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