What Others are Saying

Through a crazy Facebook app I was trying out I got the most amazing and unexpected testimonials from people who have bought my work. Below are some actual quotes from my www.stik.com account:

Dunewood O’neil
She is the unicorn of artists-whimsical, fun and talented! The world would not be quite as bright without her!

Barrie Saltzman I was going to say EXACTLY what everyone else already said….hate when that happens! Seriously….Marti is just an amazing artiste…what more can I say? I have a “sizeable” collection of her artwork, including a custom piece of my own horses in which she captured their personalities perfectly! I recently added a felt scarf and am eyeing up a felt handbag…so don’t you dare think about it, you. And YOU know who you are…LOL! Happy, happy, merry, merry horses exuding loads of happiness and positive fun stuff!

Beverly Truddle Richardson When you feel as if your heart will stop beating, and you cannot think to take another breath, Marti will step forward and show you the way to another day.

Diana B. Ratliff Marti’s art is fabulous and fun – her creativity is amazing and I just love her work. Be sure to check out her Hapilani Book – its great stuff!

Templeton Thompson marti’s one of THE MOST talented people I know y’all!:) she’s a ROCKSTAR:)! love ya cowgirl, tt & the planet cowgirl herd:)♥.

Leann Pomaville Love Marti’s work! So whimsical; fun for children and adults alike!

Dan Crowley Marti is truely the real deal.

Wendy Costa I had the pleasure to meet Marti McGinnis over a decade ago in the New York Gift Market and Buyers Market of American Craft. After years of shows, products, art and artists I have never encountered another designer with this range, drive, spirit, and pure, creative genius. Hats off—-this is a rare, original talent.

Norma Jeane Safford Vela Marti is fabulously creative, innovative and energetic. She has a passion for her art, her horses and life! If you have the opportunity to work with Marti, JUMP at it!