Washing Instructions

Because the whole process of felting is sort of like washing, you can hand wash ANY of your HappyArt creations!

  1. Fill your sink with tepid water (don’t need extreme cold or heat here)
  2. Add some liquid soap – doesn’t have to anything special
  3. Place your wearable into the bath and gently swish around. Don’t go crazy here – it’s the ‘agitation’ that could start felting your creation more – and you don’t want that!
  4. Rinse
  5. Squeeze – don’t wring – and reshape to dry
  6. For scarves and shawls this will probably mean lay flat
  7. For hats this will mean reform into the hat shape and stuff with something like plastic bags – if you’ve got edges to recreate – clip into shape with some clothespins!
  8. Let dry!