I have begun a brand new comic project to take me through the next year. I’ll be visually documenting my dedication to consuming less in 2019.

Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date with this comic as I will be sending out a synopsis of my progress periodically. If you’re religious about it you will be able to see this book unfold in its entirety as we go! However you may want to own a copy when the whole thing is completed to inspire your own journey of consuming less.

Below are the first 6 pages or panels for this new comic documentation. Click on the first to enlarge and click through the images.

The Next 16 panels —->


When I’m finished with this year of non-shopping the book will available in digital form so purchasing a copy won’t have to add to your material collection. But it will also be available in print, because sometimes print books are just more fun to read – especially when it’s all pictures!

Were you curious about the real look of my repaired spatula? Here ya go!