Drawing is Addictive!

Mean vs. Nice

Mean vs. Nice

Since releasing my latest book, “400 Mornings” I’ve continued drawing. I tried to stop, or at least slow down, but I soon discovered I have become somewhat addicted to the good feeling of morning creation. The really nice side benefit of some of all this sketching is the plethora of ideas I can choose from to re-work into full color paintings!

HappyArt Gazette

Below are the next 50. To help spread the word about this ongoing project and share the optimism and general good feeling these ditties tend to engender I have started up this very day an email newsletter I’m calling the “HappyArt Gazette“. I plan to release an issue no more than twice a month and in it will be the best of the recent drawings as well as some pix of how some of these have become paintings and prints. Click here to subscribe. Of course you can unsubscribe any time.

Any Image is Yours!

Finally, new this season, you can purchase a fine-art giclee print of ANY numbered drawing below or from the book. Each comes matted and sleeved and ready to plop into a standard 11×14 frame. At just $17 each, they’re a great way to spread the joy this project inspires! Click here for details.

Here are the most recent new fifty:
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