About a week ago I posted a note saying it was too bad I couldn’t draw well, but I didn’t let that stop me. I got such friendly response from my ever extraordinary friends and connections offering their support and telling me, basically, that I was full of beans. They thought I might have sort of been looking for bolstering. But actually this was an incidence where I simply didn’t express myself well at all.

What I meant to convey was that I don’t draw:

  • traditionally
  • nor with a lot of accuracy
  • nor depth of field
  • nor three dimensionally
  • nor in any ways that typically cause people to get “A’s” with it in school…

And yet I don’t let any of those supposed limitations stop me from expressing myself and ideas this way. TheseĀ ‘limitations’ are, in fact, my voice! My unique spin on the concept. I’m hoping that by demonstrating my willingness to embrace this drive in this public way – rising beyond what I thought was the definition of what ‘good’ drawing is I might embolden others to tackle things they also don’t figure they do too well.

So with that – my next Big Idea 10+ drawings:

Big Ide Post 71 - 80