My heading here is a bit crass as it’s coming from a citizen of one of the ‘richest’ most resource wasteful of all countries on earth. But as a member of a this population I can speak unequivocally about this. I have so much as do most Americans – but it isn’t the things I buy that make me the happiest. Indeed no. It’s the feelings I manifest, the wonder I’m able to feel at the marvels of the natural world,. The joys in connecting with others, with animals, with the creative flow, with the inherent spiritualism to be found in all these experiences as well.

Today’s drawing is about this. Later today this concept will become a new felted sculpture too.

Wealth isn’t about Stuff

7.25″ x 10″ – Graphite on Archival Paper – $25.00 postage paid

[nicepaypallite name=”#272 Lady with Birders” amount=”25.00″]

I already a companion piece to this concept. This is what she looks like:

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