What is wealth?

The “rat race” of living can be a lot stressful if you just make one minor adjustment to how you think about things.

What if the race isn’t about how much you can get,

but how much of yourself you can share?

So instead of simply¬†amassing¬†great wealth, a big house, a hefty bank account, an amazing stock portfolio, a bunch of cars and acreage – what if you measured your success by how much you positively impact others? If this is a little tricky at first, try doing this with others’ accomplishments in mind. Go ahead, sift through the people in your own life and list them in terms of who you think is having a positive impact on those around them as being among the new-wealthiest people you know. Think about where you fit into this new hierarchy. Does this feel different that how you usually measure success?

It sure does for me.

Love WINS in the ‘Rat Race’ of Life

7.25″ x 10″ – Original Drawing – Graphite on archival paper
$25 postage paid
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