Wonderful, Perfect Lives

We who have blogs sometimes get confused with having wonderful, perfect lives. The reason is because we get to pick and choose from our daily experiences what we decide will be posted. Eventually this adds up to a fairly dreamy array of wonderful moments, fun successes, and even hindsighted examinations of the trials that go into being an artist these days.

I’m Weird

Of course I’m not going to show the failures – at least not until I’ve fixed ’em. Well actually, sometimes I do. But I’m weird. I think it’s fun to help people understand the behind-the-scenes aspects of art creation. I think it helps them appreciate what they’re seeing when the encounter a finished piece. The struggle is interesting. But for the most part I tend to show the good stuff. This is why some of my readers think I’m living a perfect and enchanted life. Well, um, I ain’t, lol!

Enchanted? Not!

Today’s drawing is about that. I like the concept so much it may become its very own series!

“Shit Happens: Even to the ‘enchanted’ among us”

7.25″ x 10″ – Original Drawing – Graphite on Archival Paper – $25.00