Upgrade Your Life

I guess living as we do with as much as we all have here in the United States and all ‘developed’ countries and as many of us as there already are on this world sometimes we gloss over the impact the impact of our very own choices. We wonder “What effect will just little ol’ me have on this Big Huge Issue?”. Turns out, a ton!┬áBecause while we may seem like such a small element in the big scheme of things when you begin to aggregate our choices individual selection becomes a movement and then a whole new upgraded way of life!
So here we have an Apple-loosa feeding on love.

Apple-loosa: You are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat!

She demonstrates:

  • The kindness we practice when we choose the free range chicken or eggs over the ‘conventionally’ raised ones.
  • The compassion we demonstrate when we shop at our local farmer’s market and support the gardens of our neighbors over those of agri-business.

On the surface it may not seem like much but as we continue on with our conscienscious choices we literally embody our kindness. Why? Because you are what you eat!

7.25″ x 10″ Graphite on Archival Paper – $25 postage paid
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