The Morning Mood

This morning my mood was trying to darken. Maybe you know what I’m talking about. I woke up ok, but then as I lay there considering what the day ahead of me I began to sort of psyche myself out about some things going on. I could literally feel the emotional storm clouds gathering, but this time instead of letting them take over I pushed through them by thinking about my attitude as this larger embodiment of who I am. I pictured it being this giant friendly soft creature able to reach way beyond the¬†physical¬†norms in a multi-dimensional way.

The 200 Year Plan

Several days ago I had watched a Ted talk given by one of my favorite presenters, Raghavad kk in which he posits we should all consider writing our own “200 Year Plan”. The idea being we’ll make different choices when we consider the far reaching implications of each day’s individual choices. He likes to envision himself as a stable being, set in one place – with the future being the thing that moves towards him. An interesting point of view!

Here’s the talk:

What’s THAT Look Like?

I’m not sure. I need to ponder what this looks like to me awhile longer – so instead I thought about how my own attitude actually creates the container upon which I sail the ocean of life. This is something I can draw! So here it is:

Your attitude creates the boat upon which you sail the seas of life.

7.25″ x 10″ – Graphite on Archival Paper – $25.00 – Free postage
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