Particle physicists hate it when they hear laymen call the Higgs boson the “God particle”. Apparently the reference started as a joke and actually was shortened from being called the ‘goddamned’ particle”! Kind of a different meaning, huh. Scientists were confounded by the task of actually finding the thing – hence the¬†pejorative.

Basically what it is, this Higgs boson bunch of tiny tiny tiny tiny thingies – is the glue that binds the universe. It’s sort of the ‘is’ in the being-ness of things. Thus, to me it is the stuff of hope, love, compassion, stick-to-it-tiveness and such. Well you know me, I don’t shy away from letting my pencil take a stab at showing us what this looks like. So this morning I drew the Higgs boson particle as expressed in terms of the kind stewardship of homeless dogs.

The Higgs boson particle depicted in terms of kind stewardship towards dogs


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