Athletes and their entourages have begun converging in London for the Olympics. While I can’t say I’m much of an athlete I am one who works to find excellence in my own pursuits. I think the amazing feats of these well toned, driven people illustrates beautifully for the rest of us who may not be as physically inclined a version of what such focused dedication looks like.

So while I can’t swim super fast, nor dive into a pool wondrously twisting and somersaulting through their air I can practice a stick-to-it-tiveness. Though I can’t describe motion and harmony with my routine on raised mats swirling a ribbon hither and thither – I can capture elegant lines with my pencils. I look at Olympic athletes as symbols of what can be accomplished rather than pure examples of what should be accomplished.

#254 – Harmonic Balance + Accomplishment

7.25″ x 10″ – Graphite on Archival Paper – $25 postage paid
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