Sometimes life offers a switch that causes you to think about change or in this case downsizing, before you might be perfectly ready to do so. The best way I’ve found to minimize fearful thought loops is to picture the best case scenario of what that might look like. So let’s say you suddenly bumped up against a circumstance in which your finances were suddenly significantly lowered for an unknown period of time, like Mikey and I seem to have

Of course your first reaction might be to freak out, sell everything you have just about and picture living in a “van down by the river”. Then maybe you back off a bit from that nuttiness (though seeing what that might look like could be useful for awhile – but not too long, because “thoughts become things” and you may not want to actually live that way) and scale up a tad to where the threat actually becomes more like an enticement.

This morning I woke up and decided to draw what scaling back might look like in a best-case scenario – because:

  1. Why not?
  2. Might be an improvement!

Being in the middle of horses I “own” isn’t as important to me as simply being in the middle of horses!

If you’d like to buy this original graphite on acid free paper original – about 7″ x 9″ $15 – just click the button below which will take you to a PayPal shopping cart page.
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