Anyone who has lived with a dog knows that they are uncommonly great at being upbeat optimists. They’re always glad to see you. They love the food you give them. They’re always up for an adventure. Well, most dogs anyway. Certainly every dog I’ve ever known – even my peculiar little chihuahua, Toonie, was always up for a walk in the park – and that boy was a trembler. Still that didn’t stop him.

People involved with dog rescue are angels among us. That’s not easy work. I think their hearts break daily for a variety of reasons none of which have anything to do with any dog’s shortcomings; all of which have to do with humans letting them down. And yet – despite having a litany of reasons to be suspicious of us as a whole – dogs continue to be our loyal companions.

I appreciate dogs. I love dogs. And today I am celebrating them! The proceeds from the sale of this drawing will go to a local shelter here in Central Kentucky. It’s called Life House for Animals.

Life House For Animals dog sketch

Dog Would – Big Idea Drawing #277

$25 – about 9″ x 11.5″ – Graphite on Acid Free Paper – Proceeds to go to Life House for Animals in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Available here.