There’s a misconception that’s fairly popular where it’s thought that you can buy your way into personal growth. But you can’t. Not really. You can purchase the accoutrements of enlightenment, the accessories that suggest metamorphosis but true change comes from within, and is even a life long process!

No matter how many yoga retreats in the Himalayans or swims with dolphins you take in the coastal waters off Hawaii it’s only by way of introspection and acceptance of your own flaws that you’re going to come towards center. Also, once you do get there, count on having to find and re-find your center – this balance over – and over again because it’s not a permanent state. It’s not meant to be! Picture an acrobat balancing on top of a pyramid of people – that isn’t a static process, constant adjustments have to be made.

Buying Wings Doesn’t Make You a Butterfly – Creating Them Does!

7.25″ x 10″ – Graphite on Archival Paper – $25 – free postage
[nicepaypallite name=”#253 – Butterfly and Caterpiller” amount=”25.00″]