I am. Here’s how.


Today I’m packing up my car to head to an art fair. I’ve done just about everything I can think of to prepare for this amazing event. Really all that’s left are tying up some loose ends and getting myself into a healthy frame of mind for the work ahead. I have created a strong body or work that represents what I stand for on a variety of levels. I’ve done the best I can. When we do this we are ready. We are as safe as one can be within this knowledge.

Mikey (the hubby) has been incredibly supportive and helpful and is right now heading out to find me a cartopper to put some stuff on top of my little suv. Safely. I was ready to tie garbage bags filled with stuff up there – but he didn’t approve. So he’s gonna fix me up. He’s like that. I’m lucky. Support comes from many different directions – accept it, acknowledge it, be grateful for it.

Our Steeds

Your steed probably looks different than mine, maybe it’s a computer, a presentation, a manuscript, a lesson plan – or maybe you’re also packing up your own vehicle full of your own intentions and dreams.

A tip of the sun hat to all you good folks out there who take on the world with your own brand of optimismistic pursuits.┬áTo us all I say “CHARGE!”.

I am a knight from the kingdom of hope.
My foe is colorless apathy.
The battle is perseverance.
My weapons are excellence, optimism and imagination.

The original drawing looks like this:

7.25″ x 10″ Original Drawing – Graphite on Archival Paper – $25 postage paid
[nicepaypallite name=”I am the Knight of Hope” amount=”25.00″]