Pets or Teachers?

I have chosen to include a small herd of animals under my direct stewardship in my life. These include three horses (well, two and a half really; one is a mini), three dogs and three cats, an indoor/outdoor version and 2 self-selected barn cats. Each of these beings has a distinct ‘person’-ality and brings an individuated point of view to our experience together. They have taught me so very much.

Wild Ones

My appreciation of animals in my life doesn’t stop there though because there are all the outdoor, wild animals to consider. The birds, fox, bunnies, coyotes, mice, ground hog, deer, salamanders, toads, frogs and so many others that flit into and out of my direct experience. They all re-describe what it is to live here up on this hill in each their own way. They draw fresh perspectives by their paths through the dimensional space as well as their interactions with it.
And dare I include the creepie-crawlies too!

“Animals Inspire Me”


Drawing #239 – Graphite on archival paper, 7.25″ x 10″

[nicepaypallite name=”Animals Inspire Me Drawing #239″ amount=”25.00″]

The Little Dudes

The spiders on their trapeze lines all of which seem to be optimally set at my eye level, the beetles that scuttle about, the moths that bash themselves into the lunar lightbulb we turn on at night, the butterflies feasting on the lavender in the garden, the ants that have eaten every single flea egg in our vicinity so that none of our furries suffer from that scourge.
And the worms. The many, many worms with their eyeless encounters with the roots of everything in the garden and yard relentlessly rearranging the subsurface organic matter into healthier versions of itself and everything else I haven’t mentioned but bump into. I notice what I can and appreciate as authentically as I can whenever I’m given the chance. To the honey bees that moved out of the east wall of our house into an inviting hole in a decaying tree nearer to the creek and the swath of wildflowers Mike planted 2 years ago I say godspeed. Even the wasps that get misdirected and bang into the inside of the windows in my studio I have a long standing truce with as I scoop them into a plastic cup and hoist their stingy butts back to freedom off the third floor deck.