I had an odd exchange with a person I met on Facebook yesterday. Due to glitches in online media she had misunderstood an exchange we had had. When she brought it to my attention I immediately explained what I thought had happened and apologized for any confusion. Still mad she emailed back this time swearing and digging deeper for blame. I wrote back saying I could tell the situation was frustrating her but that it had been an unfortunate glitch with not a trace of intentional mischievousness attached to it, I apologized again. Apparently still unsatisfied she wrote back not accepting let alone acknowledging my apologies nor any of the actual facts surrounding the issue. It appeared at that point that I was dealing with someone who had donned her “anger suit” and wasn’t ready to let that go.

The Anger Suit


The Anger Suit – easy to put on hard to get off

I admit I’ve been there; I also have donned the Anger Suit. It’s an unfortunate way to go. It’s hard to extract joy out of any exchange when that happens. It’s repercussions stick with the people involved when it’s been added into the conversation, like this one did. I woke up and with it lingering in the background I ended up drawing and writing about this uncomfortable exchange instead of thinking about butterflies and unicorns this morning. Sorry about that. But maybe it will help someone out there cope with their own emotions next time you bump into someone wearing their Anger Suit, or are thinking about putting yours on.