I have a friend who has a cat for some reason or another I find I can connect with from a distance and take in her energy. Call it animal communication for lack of a better term – but this isn’t a skill I feel I have developed particularly well. Still, there are times I pick up intention – especially from her kitty. So she contacts me from time to time with a little challenge.

Yesterday her query was why is “Mini” yowling all over the house and acting stand offish? I find that when connecting with animals it’s best for me to come at it sideways. Kind of like how I access my creative flow. So I didn’t plop down on a cushion and open the golden highway like some animal communicators do. I slept on it and waited to see if anything bubbled in. Something did.

The notion that Mini isn’t yelling but singing came pretty much right away. But because I have a fairly active imagination I always worry that I’m making these things up. So this morning that thought still felt like the plausible explanation and with it came a sort of vision.

singing kitty cat

Mini is singing to adjust the energy in their house!

I have found that for myself in our very old, seasoned house  full of history and emotions that sometimes the energy seems to get flat, even buzzy; in corners especially. Animals are very sensitive to such subtle forces so it doesn’t surprise me that a kitty cat would take matters into her own paws adjusting the harmonics with her voice!

I wrote a fairly detailed step by step process about how to adjust energy in another blog – QuantumSparks – I maintain whose subject is Animal Assisted Inspiration. If this concept interests you, you may want to have a look.