In my drawing series (about one a day until I get to 400) I wake up, have some coffee and let the muse tell me what’s going to appear. Yesterday it was the notion of needy dogs. You know the ones. They’re everywhere. Even here in the US where we LOVE our dogs! Not everyone treats them with what I would call proper compassion. So this image showed up:

Help those who help these, please. #207

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Then I guess the thought of all those sad dogs percolated in my subconscious – because his morning I woke up with a solution to dogs who suffer needlessly in cities where dogs are seen as filthy. Okay, so it might annoy you that it’s winning the lottery based – but in fact, I think it’s always a good idea to have a pretty good idea how you’re going to spend millions of dollars before you set about trying to attract it. Otherwise it might drag you down and have an unhealthy impact on you, like such winnings have for so many others.

Clicker trained street dogs!

If you like you can purchase this sketch. [nicepaypallite name=”#208 Pencil Sketch” amount=”15.00″]

It says: “When I win the PowerBall lottery I’m going to set up a training program for street dogs in anti-dog cities where they’re clicker trained to put on street performances to help train the local people’s perceptions on the value and intelligence of their own canines.

There’s more to that plan. We go in and find dogs, set up a facility and photograph and video our training progress. Then we buy ads in local media that are teasers. Then we put on performances that garner a ton of buzz with information on what we’re up to and how interested others could get involved. We would make is possible for others to start with their own dogs. And of course we’d work with local organizations that already exist to maximize the positive impact.