How Projects Evolve

I’ve been making a drawing a day almost every day for about a year now. As I expected, doing so has done several things for me

  • kept my creative juices flowing
  • kept my thinking fresh
  • caused me to think about my art and where it’s going
  • lead me to some new projects
  • inspired several new opportunities

For anyone who’s creative I highly recommend doing something similar for all of the above reasons and others that will be unique just to you!

This isn’t my first time going through a routine like this, though this is certainly the longest I’ve kept up with it. As I had hoped the project seems to be taking on a life of its own. A friend who’s a tremendously successful artist (i.e. one who makes some decent money through the sales of her work) was visiting and left me with some valuable resources and suggestions for how I might look into finding more markets for my work. Her seeds have been germinating as I’ve carried on with this drawing project.

People Want to Smile

Add to this rich mix of thoughts my hubby’s observations about this exercise and his noticing that now more than ever there are some websites that are looking for uplifting content – which he heard often takes the form of drawings, illustrations and cartoons. With this in mind I’ve been playing with the idea of drawing a sort of cartoon sketch for the past few mornings. Here they are:

“Bless you.”

“786,432,931 bottles of beer on the wall…”

“This doesn’t bode well for yours truly.”


I’m wondering if I might be able to find folks in charge of websites or blogs who might want to subscribe to this as an ongoing service. I could have a price structure in place for:

  • daily (m-f)
  • once a week
  • once a month
  • exclusive rights
  • sketch or finished color

The content would always be seasonal, always be upbeat, and non-controversial. The characters can focus on animals; horses, cats, dogs, wildlife as well as cllections of people (joggers, workers, sport enthusiasts, etc).

I need your advice!

So the the questions are:

  • Who should I be talking to?
  • How much should I charge?

Feedback is most appreciated!