This morning marked a milestone in the project I’m calling Big Idea Two. I made the three hundredth sketch in this ongoing series! The goal is 400, and it looks like I’ll be able to accomplish that maybe even before the end of the year.

This sketch was influenced by my frustration with the rants from all sides during the current election season

What I’ve Learned So Far

Part of the challenge of facing the blank page just about every morning is it forces you to reach a little deeper into your skills to come up with something new. My hand has a propensity to want to start with the same movement on the page and there are days when I have to —  force — myself to get beyond the habit.

Most any creative person will tell you, one of the hardest parts of creating anything (symphony, essay, painting, etc) is the launch process towards the thing. This personal challenge has taken the teeth out of that to some degree because it has allowed me to keep my creative juices flowing through sheer use.

As each sketch comes to be, it seems almost inevitable that it would appear as I’m finishing it up. Later on, maybe some months after I’ve drawn something I may revisit it and wonder: “How the heck did I do that?” and “Where did that come from!” So I have learned to anticipate the surprise, even crave it.

Why 400?

I chose a somewhat arbitrary goal of getting to 400 – because I didn’t want to do 365 – that seems to assign a day value to each image and I didn’t want to do that – though without question you can see seasonal influence throughout the sketches themselves. I also wanted to make more of a statement than just 200 – around the quantity I did last time I forced myself through a process like this (Big Idea: The Original, which became my HapiLani series and eventually a book).

All four hundred sketches will be compiled into a book some time early next year. The working title at the moment is: “400 Mornings: Bringing Dream Images Into The Light of Day”. About 30 are usually for sale in the shopping section of this site. Some may eventually see their way onto a full color canvas as I begin to pick up my paint brushes again.

#299 – Fall is lowering herself gently onto the summer landscape