400-more-620After the holidays the new year starts to build itself from the inside out of darkened January nights and those occasional crystalline days it’s known for in the northern climes. My life takes on a more cubby holed quality and I tend to pick up home projects like embroidery or baking; gentle pursuits that harken to simpler times.

Mind you, I’m referring to recipes on my iPad and checking my Facebook page using my smartphone while I’m doing it! But winter passes with it’s deep and cold-starred nights one by one by one by one, unlike summer’s mad rush of birdsong, katydid leg orchestrations and thunderstorms rolling across the landscape changing ┬áscenes to the next lightning fast!

Winter is a fine time for cozying up, lighting candles and celebrating vanilla and cinnamon to spring’s heady smell of earth, rain and all those flowers!

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