The New Creative Flow

Many of you already know I recently completed the 400th drawing in a series. What I came to really appreciate about keeping up with what amounted to about a drawing a day was how the process kept my creativity flowing. I knew I’d be kind of bummed when I stopped doing that – but didn’t realize how much the habit had grown on me.

Wile I was thinking about launching into a pinting series and even bought a tiny portable set of water colours to facilitate doing these with the morning joe in bed – I knew I wouldn’t be doing them as frequently nor as easily as the drawings. I kept reaching for my pad and pencils.


I decided to go with my flow and am announcing my next series this morning called “400More”! Here’s the first in the next series:

A new series is launched! Here’s #401

As I work behind the scenes compiling the first four hundred into their book, I’ll carry on with the next volume one drawing at a time. But I’m painting a whole lot more these days too, so be prepared to find some posts featuring recent gouache, acrylic and other colorful work on canvases. Some of which I intend to create as high quality archival art prints and studio produced notecards and such! Oh this is going to be a great year – I can feel it already!