30 Paintings in 30 Days – Part 2

I like to involve myself in good solid creative challenges, which is why I participated in a painting a day project last January. Well I’m at it again! For the entire month of September I’ll be hoping to create one painting – of some kind or another – every single day. I’ll do acrylic on board, gouache on paper and who knows what else as the days drift away.

Hold Onto Your Dreams

Hold Onto Your Dreams

People ask me “How can you work so fast?”

The answer has several easy to comprehend components.

  1. I have almost forty years of experience professionally turning my thoughts and ideas into art pieces.
  2. I always can’t wait to see what the finished piece is going to look like myself so I keep at it until I’m done!

Is every single piece I produce worthy of being in a museum? Nope – but I do end up selling almost all¬†of them. Sometimes right away, sometimes before they’re done, sometimes after some months.

As they are completed I post them on my HappyArtMarti facebook page and in my Etsy store: HappyArtMarti

What’s the point?

  • To stretch myself.
  • To force myself to find new solutions to the ‘blank canvas’.
  • To¬†reinforce the thought that every day can allow some new thought to manifest.
  • To get into the swing of contacting my muses and letting them have at it!

Today is September 5 and I have five piece completed. Here they are: