Amazing Architecture

Some time last year in my research for moving to San Miguel de Allende, I came across a website that absolutely blew me away! It featured the soaring and whimsical concrete architecture of a man named Steve Kormher for his client Tim Sullivan; two American expats drawn to the area for each his own reasons. I bookmarked the site to explore later. IMG_0516


Katka and me in front of her sculpture built into an existing fountain at Timlandia

Katka and me in front of her sculpture built into an existing fountain at Timlandia

Well wouldn’t you just know that Katka, the gal I took the concrete workshop from last week, studied directly under Steve to learn her amazing techniques! In addition she has made pieces installed here and there throughout this amazing art environment just past a village named Atotonilco just outside rural San Miguel. She wanted to go make some small repair on one of her pieces and invited me to tag along to get a gander at what these visionaries have brought to life. The exuberant energy throughout the entire property is uplifting and inspirational. Every surface undulates and caresses both the land upon which it sits and celebrates the colors and embellishments upon them. This is architectural eye candy to the nth degree!


About Steve

Steve Kornher of Flying Concrete is one of the world’s best thin shell builders. He works with lightweight concrete and a wide range of sculptural mixes. He is very much available to hire. You can reach him:

How Steve describes the collaboration with Tim:

I’ve been responsible for the basic forms, working from Tim’s “footprints”. He has been doing the colors and a lot of the finish work. We have worked together on most all designs. All roofs have been built with lightweight aggregate and walls are either lightweight concrete or local rock. Thin shell form work is faster and easier when I use these stucco tools.

He and his wife live in their own wonderful place near Timlandia.


….is a private residential compound that throws the gates wide about once a year for a music festival to raise money for selected local non-profits. You can see more photos taken by Steve here. It also goes by the names: Timmylandia and Timolandia.

Here’s a bunch of photos I took during my wanderings. I am in awe and LOVE this whole set up!


Stay! Rent!

Want to stay here? You can rent the studio casita! Details and photos here.

  • $240/month
  • Internet + $28/month – 1MB

Can’t stay for a month, want to be closer to the city Centro of San Miguel de Allende? You can rent a room in another of Tim’s creations called Casa Artista (House Artist or Artist’s House). It’s $120 U.S. a night on airbnb.