Mexico is a colorful country and Mexicans are a colorful people. The markets of San Miguel de Allende offer amazing proof of a rainbow infested way of life; most especially the “Tuesday Market”! or ‘tianguis‘. Laid out on top of a rocky hill high above the city centro, vendors begin setting up their red, blue and yellow tarps in an area the size of several city blocks long and as wide as at least two.


They build their booths out of a variety of tables, risers, poles and uprights and pack them full of baskets, bags and boxes brimming with an array of just about anything the typical Mexican household might need that week, from Adorable toys to Zowie sparkle-buttĀ jeans!

The Mamay Sapote - yum! Never had it before!

The Mamay Sapote – yum! Never had it before!

I got so totally overwhelmed with it all that all I came home with were two electrical sockets, a fruit I never saw before in my life (the “Mamey Sapote“)and barrel fried potato chips. I hope to do better next week, but let’s face it, I’m going to need a pack-burro to carry home all the produce that caught my eye!